Wednesday, September 30, 2009

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

We, the staff at The Essential Packaging Store, have all been affected by what this disease can do and how difficult the journey to recovery can be. That is why we would like to help raise awareness about breast cancer.

So, for the month of October, come by the Store, pick up some "Pink Products" and give your gifts wrapped in pink to show your support! Part proceeds from the sale of "Pink Products" will be donated to breast cancer research.

Also, as an added bonus for you, every purchase of designated "Pink Products" will get your name entered to win a gorgeous "Pink Products" gift basket!! (see in store for more details)

For more information about Breast Cancer Awareness Month, please visit

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wedding Wednesdays - Velvet Ribbon!

Well, it's been a while since we've had a post for our Wedding Wednesdays - we've been so busy so busy unpacking all the new Christmas stock...!! One of the new items that came in just happens to also be perfect for weddings - velvet ribbon! The staff in the Store like to refer to it as "yummy velvet ribbon"!! Once you've felt it you'll agree, it's quite yummy!

This beautiful velvet ribbon comes in some truly delicious colours, all in a 3/8" width. This fabulous ribbon adds an elegance to your favour packaging and also makes a statement as an accent on your invites.

Talk to you again soon!

Monday, September 28, 2009

New Store Hours!

Hi everyone!
Just wanted to remind you all that our Store hours have been extended on Saturdays. Starting Saturday, October 3rd, 2009, we will be open from 9:30am to 5:00pm (same hours as Monday through Friday).

Now you'll have an extra hour on Saturdays to get all your Christmas wrappings...!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gobble, gobble - Part 2!

Here's another quick and easy Thanksgiving packaging idea, this time for wrapping up a bottle as a host/hostess gift-To wrap your wine bottle, you'l need some cello basket wrap, coloured tissue paper and ribbon. In this example we used our fall patterned cello wrap (same one we used for the samples in our previous post), sage green tissue paper and some chocolate brown grosgrain ribbon.

Place your piece of cello basket wrap down first; how large of a piece you need will depend on how big your bootle is. We used a small bottle of bar-b-que sauce for our example so we only needed a piece of cell wrap that was about 40" wide by 24" long. We then centered one sheet of tissue paper on top of the cello wrap.

Carefully gather up the cello and tissue so that it comes together at the neck of the bottle. With one hand holding the tissue and cello with the bottle, use your other hand to slip the ribbon around the neck of the bottle (you may need to borrow an extra pair of hands for this part!) Tie your ribbon in a simple shoelace bow and you're all set!

Use this same techinique for other seasons or occasions by just changing the cello wrap pattern and tissue colour. We'll have more Christmas samples on future blog posts.

Talk to you again soon!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Thanksgiving Packaging - Gobble, gobble!

With Thanksgiving just a couple of weeks away (at least for us Canadians!) we thought we would offer up some holiday packaging ideas-

Food items always make a nice hostess gift. Bake, or purchase, some cookies, squares or cupcakes. Place them in one of our plain natural coloured gift boxes. Then, wrap the box in a piece of leaf patterned cello wrap just as you would wrap up a gift basket.

Tie some co-ordinating fall coloured Wraphia ribbon and add one of our new holiday gift tags.

For this little truffle box favour, which also dresses up your holiday table, we used a plain natural coloured box again but this time we wrapped in the fall leaf patterned cello as if it were gift wrap.
Add a little sheer ribbon tied in a simple shoelace bow. Don't forget to add the gift tag!

This time we tried a jewellery box as our table favour; just remove the cotton insert and place 4 truffles, a large cookie or even an assortment of nuts. For some added colour and texture, we banded the box with a strip of handmade paper.

I hope this has inspired you to try something a bit festive for your Thanksgiving packaging!

Gobble, gobble!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Gift Card Holders Galore!

Boxes and paper and tins, oh my!
It couldn't be easier to dress up a gift card!
Two new arrivals just in time for holiday gift giving.
(Yes the holidays are coming - whether you like it or not).
The houndstooth drawer box is super cute - just add a ribbon and
voila one more item checked off "the" list.
The CD tin includes a removable gift card insert. Add a family
photo CD or your favorite music. It can't get easier than that.

Wouldn't the Pearl Stripe pop up box be perfect for that special

Wedding or Anniversary?

I especially like the Envelopments Brand Envelofold. It can be special ordered in a
variety of colors to coordinate with your corporate colors.
The one in the photo below is graphite - delicious!

Happy giving!


Monday, September 14, 2009

What A Fabulously Crazy Day at the CCMA's!!

Fabulously crazy doesn't even begin to describe the day we had at the CCMA Gift Lounge! From the super nice celebrity talent that we met to the frenetic pace with which we wrapped, this awesome experience is not one that I'll soon forget... EVER!! Wow, where to begin?

For Shannon and I the day started at 7:30am and ended somewhere around11:00pm. What happened during those hours in between is a bit of a blur but here are some highlights!

Some of the first gifts we wrapped were for Global TV host, Steve Darling! So nice of him to pose for a photo with Shannon and his wrapped gifts!

We had the honor of wrapping up Reba McEntire's gifts! So fab - hope she likes purple! Unfortunately, we didn't get the opportunity to see her but she looked great on TV.

Definately a HUGE highlight for Shannon and I (who are HUGE Canucks fans!!) was meeting and wrapping for Alex Burrows, Mason Raymond and Darcy Hordichuk!! They were so great to talk to and were good sports (no pun intended!) about posing for photos with us. Here's Alex Burrows with his gift basket, wrapped by me!!

Mason Raymond even signed my little boy Matthew's Canucks jersey, which I just happened to have in my purse (wink, wink!) He was so sweet, truly a nice guy!

Darcy Hordichuk, kicking back a lollipop, also signed Matthew's jersey - so fab!!

Lucky girl Shannon got to be the beauty between the braun!!!

Sometime in the afternoon, Shannon managed to take a 2 minute break, just enough time to down some much needed water. Then it was back to wrapping - we had Jason Priestley's gifts to wrap! We didn't get a chance to talk to him but we did see him mingling in the Gift Lounge an yup, he still looks good!!!Here's me eating my breakfast around 4:00 in the afternoon! It was cold and kinda rubbery but at least it was food!! Yum...

Probably THE highlight for Shannon was meeting and posing with Greg Neufeld from Canadian Idol!!! What a super nice guy and what an amazing talent - so great to see a local guy having such success!

Here we are nearing the end of the night. We were so fortunate to have Corie and David to help wrap the last of the gifts and pack up for home!

We were so blessed to have this opportunity of a lifetime, made possible by Gabrielle from The Uptown Gift Box (in the pink top) and Tim from the CCMA (in the blue jacket) - a million thank-you's just doesn't seem like enough. It was so fab to be a part of this unforgetable event! We also want to extend thanks to Helen (in the white top) and Abby (in grey) who provided us with tremendous support during the whole event!

Personally, I would really like to thank all the Essential Packaging Store staff who helped in various ways- Antonella, Robin, Cheryl, Cathy and Sandie. Thanks to David and Corie for helping when we needed it most. Most of all, thanks to Shannon who really made this happen. You worked so hard from the very beginning to the bitter end (with no food and almost no water!) - kudos to you!

Well, that's about it from me for tonite. Time to get some much needed sleep!
Thanks and we'll see you soon!


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Countdown to the CCMA's!

Well, all the "fluffing" is finally done and it looks AMAZING! The Luxury Wrapping Station is all set up and ready for all the celebs that will be coming through tomorrow!

Here's a photo of me with my Lounge Access pass - not the best photo ever but I'm too tired to really care right now!! Plus I'm super excited about tomorrow (have I mentioned that already?)

I've also taken a few photos of our wrapping station...

We have this fabulous work area located right by the entrance!

For this event, we created three different wrapping themes for the celebrities to choose from for their custom wrapped gifts-

This is the "Uptown Mod" wrapping selection - very bright and bold ...

..." Wild About Eco" is fun yet environmentally conscious ...

... and the CCMA Signature Wrap in gold, black and burgandy.

We'll definitely have many more photos tomorrow from the event itself. We're hoping to have a few celebs in them as well...!

Till tomorrow!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Setting Up at the Canadian Country Music Awards!

Hi everyone!

I just got back from setting up in the Uptown Gift Lounge at the CCMA's!
What a crazy busy day but soooooo awesome! You can definitely feel the excitement building up for Sunday. We met some of the other participants (like Frosting Cupcakery, yum!) and finally got to see Gabrielle in person (she's so calm AND super nice!).

After several hours of "creating", The Luxury Wrapping Station began to take shape! I'll still need to head back tomorrow to do some final "fluffing". I'll be sure to take some photos of the Lounge tomorrow when it's all done!

See you then!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Amazing News!!!!!

We've got some fantastic news to share!!! The Essential Packaging Store has been invited to be a part of the Canadian Country Music Awards on Sunday, September 13th!!

We're proud to be sponsoring the Luxury Wrapping Station, in the amazing Uptown Gift Lounge, a trailblazing idea that is totally unique to this event. This is where our fabulous wrapping team will get to create gorgeous gift packages for the attending celebrities. Imagine Reba McEntire, Jann Arden or Jason Priestly taking home our beautifully wrapped gift packages! We're so EXCITED!

We'll be posting to our blog throughout the upcoming week so stay tuned!!

For more about the Uptown Gift Lounge and the Canadian Country Music Awards, please visit their website at

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Essential Giftwrapping Tip

Here's an elegant yet practical giftwrapping option - wrap just the lid of your giftbox!

Try adding ribbon around the lid of the box (with an optional bow on the front) to complete the presentation.

By wrapping just the lid, the recipient can open the box without damaging the beautiful wrapping on the outside.

To wrap just the lid of your giftbox, simply cut a piece of giftwrap that is slightly larger than the lid. Make sure you have enough giftwrap so that you can fold it under the sides of the lid. Secure the giftwrap with clear tape or glue.

Wrapping just the lid also provides your recipient with a decorative box in which to store their special present.